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S C H O O L  P O L I C I E S


  • New joiners are entitled to one free dance class upon joining. 

  • Fees are to be paid within 2 weeks of term. Any account remaining unpaid after 4 weeks into the term may result in the pupil being asked to leave the school.

  • Half a term’s notice is required to withdraw a child from classes.

  • Unfortunately, in the event of illness or unavoidable absences, refunds cannot be paid.

  • All pupils must show good discipline in their approach to the classes. They will be removed from the class for following reasons: (1) not responding to teachers

   (2) misbehavior (3) breach of the school regulations.

  • After the initial six week period, all pupils must wear the correct uniform for classes and be well-groomed. No jewelry must be worn and hair should be tied back neatly in a bun.

  • Children should arrive at the venue at least five minutes before the start of their class. A prompt start avoids distraction to the lessons. Pupils must be seen into and collected form the hall for their own safety, the dance teachers are only responsible for your child during their class time.

  • We reserve the right to change fees/ term dates and class times. However, we aim to keep changes to a minimal and inform parents as soon as possible.

  • We do not accept the responsibility of any items lost or stolen, although anything we find will be placed in lost property.

  • The use of photography and video may be distributed to family and on occasion, be used for promotional work. Please sign the appropriate slip attached to the enrollment form. If you have an objection please clearly indicate this.

  • At times it may be necessary to correct students through physical contact in order to ensure correct technique and subsequently safe dance practice are achieved. Please sign the appropriate section of the permission slip attached to the enrollment form to indicate you give your permission for this.

  • All staff are DBS checked, first aid trained and have public liability insurance.




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